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Screen Printing Solutions for

Graphic Screen Printing, Glass Printing, Label Printing, Electronic Printing, Circuit Board Printing
    1. Screen Printing MachineFeibao offers customers a variety of screen printing equipment, including swing cylinder presses, stop cylinder presses, parallel lift screen printing machines, and large semi-automatic screen printing machines ...
    1. Prepress Plate-Making EquipmentFeibao provides customers with economical prepress plate-making equipment, including self-contained exposure units, screen drying cabinets, and pneumatic screen stretchers. If you are interested in learning more ...
    1. Postpress Drying EquipmentAs a trusted screen printing equipment manufacturer, Feibao offers customers premium print dryers, UV curing equipment, and other postpress drying equipment. If you are interested, or have questions or concerns ...

Screen Printing Equipment and UV Curing System

Welcome to Feibao, where we provide our clients with premium screen printing machinery and relevant auxiliary equipment to meet a variety of screen printing needs. Feibao is a leading Chinese company in the screen printing industry with over 20 years of experience, constant improvement and excellent service. Our quality product line includes swing cylinder presses, stop cylinder presses, cylinder screen printing lines, self- contained exposure units, screen drying cabinets, UV curing machines, powder coating machines, squeegee blade sharpeners, automatic sheet stackers, and other auxiliary equipment. We also provide a variety of services for our customers, including on-site training, repair and/or maintenance service, and customized screen printing or auxiliary equipment. Please feel free to contact us and inquire about our products and services.

    1. Automatic Swing-Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
    2. Automatic Swing-Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

      This machine uses a variable voltage frequency, PLC control, and centralized control. It is easily operated by a single person, saving labor and making it efficient. The swing cylinder press is best suited for printing on soft and semi-soft materials.

    1. Cylinder Screen Printing Line
    2. Cylinder Screen Printing Line

      The cylinder screen printing line consists of a swing cylinder press, a conveyor belt, a UV varnishing machine, and a sheet stacker. Not only can it be used for spot UV varnishing, but it can also be used for single and multi-color UV printing. Equipped with a high-pressure mercury lamp

    1. High-Precision Screen Printing Machine
    2. High-Precision Screen Printing Machine

      The instant snap-off design and the squeegee synchronizing at both ends make it less demanding on the stencil and help yield high printing accuracy.
      The screen frame is pneumatically locked, making it efficient and accurate.

    1. Wicket Dryer
    2. Wicket Dryer

      With its reliable performance and competitive pricing, our wicker dryer is typically equipped with two sets of hot air spray dryers, one set of cold air dryers, and four sets of natural drying equipment. Different drying combinations can be made according to customer needs.

    1. UV Curing Machine
    2. UV Curing Machine

      With its tunnel-like structure, this UV curing machine has excellent light-shielding abilities and strong power. This machine is also completely safe for the operator. Thanks to the UV conveyor dryer and its instant drying capabilities, the printed substrate surface is glossy, hard, wear resistant .

    1. UV Curing Machine for Automatic Printing Line
    2. UV Curing Machine for Automatic Printing Line

      This UV curing machine is designed for use with automatic printing lines.
      Because it features instant drying, the UV curing equipment provides printed materials that are hard, glossy, rub resistant, and solvent resistant.

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  • As a trusted screen printing machine manufacturer, our cylinder presses have been exported to nearly every corner of the world.
    To meet customer and market demands for economical equipment, we are continuously improving production and management, and sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to contact us.